About MIXD

MIXD is an architecture firm started in 2002 by Andries Micke and has two offices.
In and through the studios of MIXD architecture & research, architectural work, cultural initiatives, project developments and research have been carried out since 2002.

More Co2 is less future.
Thanks in part to James Lovelock’s “Gaia” theory, humanity has in recent decades become aware of processes taking place on a global scale 1) and the problems that have arisen in the atmosphere in the process (increase in CFCs, Co2, lead).
The problems due to the Co2 increase in the atmosphere and the negative effects associated with it are now leading to social unrest. Construction also contributes to CO2 emissions. Awareness of impact is increased by LCA (life cycle assessment).

MIXD studies the acquired insights and tries where possible in architecture to contribute to the reduction or limitation of CO2 emissions by setting goals 2) , both in material selection and in scoring the energy label and advising on energy transition. MIXD uses a.o.:

With its sights set on the long term 3) , MIXD designs (fom the start in 1997) architecture with circularity as its priority.
Clients and governments are following this with different speed…

In 2023 we will reach the era in which artificial intelligence breaks through and is/will be decisive in many areas, which James Lovelock calls the ‘Novacene’.
MIXD is currently4) exploring the role AI can play in achieving sustainable, long-term goals.
Since 1997, Andries Micke has been using systems that automate routine tasks and structure information (BIM*).

Architectural projects start from a good inventory and research. In the architectural design process cultural-social values collide with the laws of hard physics in a space defined by financial-, ecological-, technical limits and legislation.

MIXD provides a project vision in a structured process in which the BIM method is supportive. This creates freedom for an experimental path to the end result and flexibility for desired adjustments during the process within the set boundaries. When necessary, partners from our network can contribute with specific knowledge.

All phases of the design process are usually commissioned.

After the presentation of vision and design, a project needs good management to be realized as intended. If required, MIXD also provides construction management of its own projects with dedication and experience.

Realized Work.

The goal of contributing to the cultural infrastructure has led to realization of contemporary designs for both cultural, private and social/commercial clients.

The cultural domain has remained an important factor as a programmatic subject since its inception. Experience with the realization of urban programs, ranging from sound studio to reallocation of the Shell building ‘Maakhaven’, a business center for the new working (ZZP) to the design of new-, or redesign of existing housing have led to extensive knowledge, experience and feeling for a wide range of programs.

As an architect, I graduated in 1997 with a plan for an institute that would map the opportunities and dangers of modifying DNA (and viruses) and guide debate and regulation.
Few lessons were learned from that…the Corona pandemic and measures-(22 years later), because of the demise of private design commissions, provided an opportunity to examine5) how politics and society responded to this pandemic, a pandemic I had expected to come.

To maintain revenue during the pandemic, a multi-year construction management contract was accepted for “scale-up” Incubator “The Titan. This project was recently completed (2023).

1) the “blue marble” photograph of the earth released by NASA in 1972 marks the “spaceship earth” consciousness spread by Barabara Ward and others.

In 1972, Ward founded IIED, a policy research organization that works in partnership with organizations across Africa, Asia and Latin America to promote sustainable development.
2) Paul Hawken is the founder of
3) Stuart Brand is the founder of the Long now foundation.
4) See, among others, this chat with Chat GPT 3
5) See

*Since 1998 experience has been gained with ‘Building Information Model’ software. Currently, MIXD works with Archicad and associated app BimX. The BIM process has many advantages, both for the client and the designer, see for an introduction: Shoegnome