Badgast ‘Bathing Guest’
Artist residence & open air cinema

Satellite Group examines from the perspective of art and culture the ways in which the sea and waterways influence cities, people, communities and the environment
reciprocally affect cities, people, communities and the environment. With the project Badgast, Satellietgroep wants to  offer artists from various disciplines the opportunity to stay by the sea and
and thus enable them to do fieldwork. By working on site with local partners, coastal communities and experts to map and investigate, new stories and perspectives are realised.
With the result of a cultural field study in Scheveningen, conducted by Satellite Group, Duel & MIXD, in collaboration with FAST, Refunc and Satellietgroep, the concept, design & program
for the artist residence on the Scheveningen boulevard was developed.

The design consists of a living unit and a workplace/exhibition unit made of sea containers. Part of it is an open air cinema and associated mobile projection unit. Badgast was active from 2009 to 2014

< 2009
Artist in Residence
Artist in residence
Refunc (desing & building)
Bureau Corsmit (construction)
FAST (site manager)
Fotocredits: Rob te Riet