De Titaan
building direction and supervision

At the end of 2020, MIXD was approached by the Municipality of The Hague to submit a bid for the construction management and supervision of the architectural part of the transformation of the tobacco warehouse of the former Caballero Factory (CabFab) located in the Binckhorst. The new function: a business building for ‘scale ups’, or start-ups that have outgrown the CabFab or cannot go there because of its size. An assignment that seemed less obvious from MIXD’s practice at the time but which was nevertheless seized with both hands because other assignments had been largely discontinued due to the Corona measures.

MIXD was assisted by Allard de Goeij of Braaksma & Roos architects and installation consultant Sander van der Vlugt of Bureau van der Vlugt who directed the installation part of the assignment.

The building is now called “De Titaan,” and it was sold – even before it was completed – to the Unknown group.
The circumstances surrounding Corona, the asbestos ‘discoveries’, a nesting -and protected- gull, radioactive elevator doors (and last but not least contractor Constructif) all contributed to a project full of challenges.

The design was worked on by GroupA (feasibility study) and Braaksma and Roos architects (final to execution design) and the building is now in use by the new owner.

The Hague
Centrale Vastgoed Organisatie Den Haag
building direction and supervision
CVDH (Municipality The Hague)
Braaksma & Roos
Ontwerpburo van der Vlugt BV
Bureau Broersma